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Finding Home in Europe: Chronicles of Global Migrants

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Volume 13

Worlds in Motion

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Finding Home in Europe

Chronicles of Global Migrants

Edited by Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia and Sara Bonfanti

Afterword by Russell King

232 pages, bibliog., index

ISBN  978-1-80073-850-8 $135.00/£99.00 / Hb / Published (February 2023)

eISBN 978-1-80073-851-5 eBook

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“Skillfully using a combination of oral history and ethnography, each of the nine main chapters is woven around the life story of one of the two hundred people who participated in a large-scale, four-year research project investigating searches for and struggles over home. Finding Home in Europe is simultaneously both a collection of individual stories and a critical analysis of how structural inequalities, including class, racisms and patriarchy and the legacies of European colonialism both shape and are occasionally subverted by the lives chronicled in its pages.” • Ben Rogaly, Professor of Human Geography, University of Sussex, UK

“The authors’ commitment to ethnographic longitudinal studies and individual biographies brings us up close to life as it is lived travelling from place to place, thus challenging and extending our knowledge, understanding, empathy, senses and tastes of homes left behind.” • Anne S. Grønseth, Professor in Social Anthropology, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

“What makes this volume particularly compelling is how it weaves together sophisticated theorizing of home and migration with the lived, felt and narrated experiences of making home under often very difficult conditions. The volume strongly enriches our understanding of how searching, struggling and sustaining to belong is located in the precarious idea of home.” • Julia Pauli, Professor in Cultural Anthropology, University of Hamburg

“Through a series of richly etched and complex life stories of mobility, displacement and home, the volume offers a captivating and insightful journey into migrants' search for home on the move, negotiating roots and routes, and the struggles and challenges they face in doing so both in the public and domestic arena, including around practices of food preparation and sharing.” • Professor Nando Sigona, University of Birmingham


Bringing together the voices of nine individuals from an archive of over two hundred in-depth interviews with transnational migrants and refugees across five European countries, Finding Home in Europe critically engages with how home is experienced by those who move among changing social and cultural constraints. Highly conscious of the political strength of their voices, migrants and asylum seekers speak out loud to the authors, as this volume seeks to challenge the narrative that these people are ‘out of place’ or cannot claim their right to belong.

Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia holds a PhD in Development Studies from the University of Manchester. His research interests include home and homemaking; displacement, migration and mobilities; ageing and narrative research. Since 2018 Luis Eduardo has collaborated with the HOMInG Project, University of Trento.

Sara Bonfanti is a migration scholar and gender specialist, with expertise on South Asian diasporas and oral history. She gained a PhD in Social Anthropology as Visiting Fellow at the M.P.I. for the Study of Religious & Ethnic Diversity. Since 2017 she has collaborated within the ERC HOMInG project based at University of Trento.

Subject: Refugee and Migration StudiesTheory and Methodology
Area: Europe


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