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CEDLA Latin America Studies

CEDLA HomepagePublished in Association with the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation (CEDLA), University of Amsterdam

CEDLA is a centre for research and documentation on Latin America located at the University of Amsterdam whose series represents the results of original research on Latin America in the field of the Social Sciences, understood in a broad sense to include History, Economics and Geography. The series is directed toward an academic readership, but also aims to reach a larger public of students and informed readers.


Those authors and editors interested in submitting a manuscript for publication in our series are requested to submit a prospectus of their unpublished work to the desk editor, and on the basis of this prospectus, the Editorial Board will decide if the manuscript qualifies to be
submitted for evaluation. Those authors/editors will then be invited to send copies of their manuscript to us to be evaluated by two external referees. Authors can request a prospectus from Rebeca Fernández Rodríguez ( Full details on submitting a manuscript available here...

We wish to emphasize that CEDLA only accepts manuscripts that have not been published previously, and that are not submitted at this time to any other publisher.

If you have any queries regarding the submission process or the series in general, please contact CEDLA Publications.

Editorial Board

Professor Dr. Michiel Baud (Chair), CEDLA, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Professor Anthony Bebbington, Clark University, USA
Dr. Edward F. Fischer, Vanderbilt University, USA
Professor Barbara Hogenboom, CEDLA, University of -Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Barbara Potthast, University of Cologne, Germany
Dr. Rachel Sieder, CIESAS, Mexico D. F.
Professor G. Eduardo Silva, Tulane University, USA
Professor Dr. Patricio Silva, Leiden University, The Netherlands

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CEDLA: Latin American Studies Flyer

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